Women Of Courage Ministry
Courage...the state of mind/spirit enabling one to face hardship with confidence.

I submit to you, written correspondence confirming (see attached) several civil right violations against my religion, ministry (501c3), ethnicity and physical disability. In addition to, a breach of doctor patient confidentially, invasion of privacy and defamation through character assassination. I am confident this is an premeditated, strategic, diabolical assault by persons to deny my basic rights of citizenship, equal protection under the law and freedom from discrimination.

Moreover, I perceive the ultimate goal was to find fraudulent activity in the ministry and when none was found; their focus shifted to systematically dismantling my ministry; working to medically manipulate my prognosis/diagnosis with my doctor to deny pain medication; to lure me to the streets to self-medicate; convinced I would engage in open-air drug transacting (under their watchful eye); thus, giving law enforcement probable cause to arrest, arraign, prosecute and incarcerate. As this would publicly discredit my witness of Jesus Christ and the ministry as a whole; while justifying their illegal deeds in the sight of their conspirators.

Further, in the last four (4) years, Women of Courage Ministry hasn't received one Service Inquiry call as our business telephone have been infiltrated (redirected) and our cell phone sim-cards duplicated. There are four (4) unknown laptops connected to our computer, two (2) unknown laptops connected to our Xfinity/Comcast cable service (TPD Case#1909401926), listening device discovered in our mouse, broad-cast audio in my residence, group GPS device(s) on my vehicle, broad-cast audio inside of my vehicle. This was accomplished with the help of our neighbors as "look-outs".

Moreover, we haven't received one piece of United States Postal Service mail from our service-based audience locally and/or around the world: service request, donations, prayer requests, speaking request, financial request etc. Again, there has been no email(s) and/or text message from our service-based audience locally and/or around the world: donations, prayer requests, speaking request and/or financial request; due to redirection. Further, our social media platform, Facebook, has been hacked (with an request for investigation to Facebook corporate office to no avail).

Further, known drug users/informants were assigned; to confirm if I would inquire of them about drugs; church/community members planted in churches, stores, doctor appointments, restaurants and nail salons; in an effort to track, observe and/or engage in conversation using direct narratives desiring a certain response(s) and/or spontaneous utterance(s).

In addition, present/former ministry participants were sent with numerous unethical, immoral, indecent proposals/requests of our ministry that would have resulted in federal indictment(s) punishable by law. This deliberate, disturbing, disrespectful behavior has been on-going for approximately seven (7) years.


To that end, we stand in forgiveness in our heart for those that are complicit in these egregious actions against God's anointed (and His ministry) and offer continued prayer for every woman in this world who suffers spiritually seeking deliverance. May you find HIM now...


Prophetess Chatman, CEO

Have Not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage... Joshua 1:9